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香港大學 University of Hong Kong

WebsiteBerries possess a team of professional, meticulous and caring technical staff with the highest calibre. We are satisfied with the web site quality as well as the efficient delivery of enhancement.

Truly Industrial Ltd.

Thank you very much for your web design service. Keep working more beautiful websites!


I would like to express my appreciation on the professional service from East Technologies for creating an excellent and well-designed website for our organization. The design reaches our expectation

Eyescream skin

We are satisfied with WebsiteBerries’ web design services, they are patient to meet of our requirement & complete our project. We really appreciate their effort.


If customers urgently need to create a website, we can provide an express 7-day web design service. Throughout the web design process we will guide the customer step by step, from providing information about the web, choosing the template, style designs through to adding in functional features, entering words and finally, to the successful launching of the website- we manage these all in one. Customers can rely on us wholly for the entire web design process.

A customized web design is usually used for more professional designs. Customized web designs would require the use of templates, therefore your company’s website design will not clash with other companies. Your company’s website design can be tailor made according to your own thoughts, to create a unique branding for your company. In addition, you can add in website design features you would like to create a style that you like – it has high flexibility. Therefore, if you want to create a very good company website, you should choose the customized web design service, this would require approximately 1 month to create.

A “model-style” web design is a web design that is rather traditionally modelled – it can also be known as “half customizable web design”. This means that during the manufacturing process, we will provide a model template to help you choose the outward website design features – because these designs are model templates, there cannot be too many demands to change features inside; there are also limitations in terms of the designs. However, the advantage is that the time required to create it is rather short, the price is also a bit cheaper, therefore is very suitable for companies that have been launched recently or companies that require many demands.

There are many different web design company with different styles in the market, there is knowledge involved in choosing a website design company that suits your needs. Below are some points for your consideration:

  • In terms of the web design company’s scale in Hong Kong – would you choose a Freelance or one-person website design company? As your company’s website is used for business purposes, if the website has any sort of problem, you will have to be able to find a web design company to give you maintenance and offer solutions in Hong Kong. If you find a Freelance company to create your website, if you encounter any problems on your website, and cannot find anyone to deal with the problem or if the company has already closed down, the worst case is that it will waste up the time, money and effort you’ve put in to create your website if it’s disappeared.。

  • In terms of the price of individual Hong Kong web design company, you can choose some rather reasonably priced web design company in HK. Our website creation prices range from HKD 9800, it is dependent on the individual features that you require, the pricing is similar as the prices of Freelance companies, making it suitable for any small-middle enterprises.

  • Of course, you would have to take reference to other customers’ works and previous website design pieces from the web design company.

Choosing a suitable web design is very important, because this will directly affect your website’s appearance and features, and in turn will affect its user friendliness and branding. Here are some points for consideration for choosing a suitable web design:

  • Confirming your target market and the purpose of your website: Before starting your web design, you have to establish the purpose of your target market. This way, it can help you choose the most suitable web design style, color, feature and template in order to satisfy the needs of your target customers.

  • Choosing a web design that suits your brand image and style: Choosing a web design that is suitable for your brand’s image and style, for example modern, traditional, neat, luxurious etc. This can help you create a unique and attractive brand image, to attract more potential customers.

  • Ensure that the web design is easy to use and navigate: Making sure that the website is easy to use and navigate, as well as displaying clear cut and informative content and message. This could help users find their wanted messages and products easily, and will also increase their rates of visiting and conversion rate.

  • Choosing the responsive web design: Consider using the responsive web design, in order to ensure your website can be used and displayed well on different platforms, including: desktop computers, tablets and mobiles etc. This can help to improve the user experience, and also to increase the website’s flow andconversion rate.

  • Choosing suitable pictures and visual effects: Choose some pictures that suit your brand’s style and image to create a nice visual effect, for example the use of audio, animations, pictures, portraits etc. These visual effects can help you attract more customers, and also to increase their visiting time and conversion rate.

  • To consider the speed and the security of the web design: You have to consider the website’s speed and security in order to ensure the website can load swiftly and also to protect user’s personal messaging and financial messaging. This can enhance the user experience, and also increase their trust and loyalty. In conclusion, there are several important factors in choosing a suitable web design, this includes your target market, brand image and style, user experience, responsive web design, visual effects, speed and security of website etc. Through the points above for consideration, you can choose a web design that is suitable for yourself to improve your website’s branding and user experience.

In order to attract potential customers, the website has to have the following points:

  • Visual effects that attract people: The web design’s visual effects create the first impression to potential customers; therefore you have to ensure that your website design has an attractive visual effect, including the color, image and layout etc. Using high quality / high-definition images and audiovisuals, in combination with modern and trendy design features will make your web design more attractive.

  • Provide a clear message and content: Customers who visit your web would want to find the messages and content that they would need, therefore you have to ensure that your web design provides clear and valuable messages. You can use simple, easy to read and attractive wordings, and organize the content structuring to enable the customers to find their wanted messages easily.

  • Provide a good user experience: A good user experience is an important factor in attracting your potential customers. You will need to ensure that your web design is easy to use and navigate and fast to respond. In addition, you can also add in interactive elements to it, for example animations, forms, ratings, comment features etc in order to improve the user friendliness and involvement.

  • Provide an individualized experience and content: Individualized content and experiences can help to attract customers and to increase the conversion rate. You can try ways such as using a personalised recommendation system, content and interactions with the customers to make it a personalised experience.

  • Provide a high quality product and service: Ultimately, your website design has to provide high quality products and services to satisfy the customers’ demands and needs. You have to ensure that your products and services meet high quality standards and also provides efficient and effective customer support in order to improve customers’ satisfaction and maintain their loyalty.

In summary, in order to attract potential customers, you have to ensure that your website design has an attractive visual effect, clear-cut messages and information, a good user experience, personalized information and experience and high quality products and services. If your website design is able to achieve these, then your website can successfully attract customers and increase conversion rate.

Website maintenance is very important due to the reasons below:

  • To maintain the safety of the website: Maintaining the web can ensure the website’s safety, prevent the web from being hacked or having issues with computer viruses. Updating the web’s safety software and external hardware regularly and fixing potential safety gaps can improve the web safeness.

  • To protect the entirety of the web: Website maintenance can preserve the entirety of the web, to ensure that the content and functions of the website run smoothly. Checking regularly and fixing issues such as errored connections can improve the web’s reliability and usability.

  • Improve the characteristics of the website: Website maintenance can improve the characteristics of the website, including improving the speed of the website input system, enhance the website’s content and structure, increase the website’s flexibility These can all improve the user friendliness of the website and the SEO ranking.

  • To keep the website updated: Website maintenance can keep the website well updated. Updating the content, images etc instantly can improve the website’s attractiveness, enhance the quality and quantity of the content to attract more visitors.

All in all, website maintenance is very important towards protecting the website’s security, entirety, characteristics, and attraction. Conducting website maintenance from time to time will ensure the smooth running of the website, to improve the user experience, increase the number of visitors and conversion rate.

In order to revamp an old website design, you can follow the steps below to proceed:

  • Analyze your current website design: First of all, you have to analyze your current existing website in depth to confirm which part needs to be improved. You have to check the following: the website’s content, design, structure, function and characteristics to find out where the problem is and where gaps are present.

  • To confirm the targets for revamping: According to your analysis towards your existing website, to confirm the targets for revamping your website. You can set up your own targets for the revamping, for example enhancing the brand image of the website design, increasing the user friendliness of the website, improve the site visits and conversion rate etc.

  • For new website designs: According to your targets, start a new website design. You can consider designing a new website layout, choose new colours and fonts, change the content and features etc. Whilst creating a new website design, ensure that your new website fits with modern website designs, and consider its usability and visibility.

  • To create a new website: To create a new website according to your website design, you can use a modern website developing tool or technology, for example: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript etc, to manufacture a high quality, easily maintained and expandable website.

  • Testing and enhancing the new website: Once the website has been finished, conduct product testing and enhancement. You can use different testing tools and technology, for example features testing, characteristics testing and security testing etc, in order to ensure that the new website fits with your target needs. At the same time, you can continually enhance your website design, to improve the characteristics and user experience.

All in all, planning to revamp your old website design to a new one requires detailed analysis, manufacturing, testing and enhancing. Ensuring that your new website suits your target and demands, and also providing a high quality, easy to use and expandable web can improve your website’s brand imaging, user experience, site visits and conversion rate.

Choosing a suitable web design plan and features combination can enhance the web’s quality and function. Here are some recommendations for choosing the suitable web design plan and features combination:

  • To confirm your needs: Before choosing your web design plan and features combination, you have to be sure of your own needs. You can consider your web’s targets, planning and functions etc. to confirm what features and combinations you would require.

  • To evaluate market choices: After ensuring your individual needs, you have to start to evaluate the available market choices. You can search for reviews and evaluations on the web’s target plan and features combination and to understand their advantages and disadvantages.

  • To consider the expandability: Whilst choosing your web design’s plan and features combination, you have to consider its expandability. You should ensure that what you’ve chosen can have the ease of expandability in order to satisfy needs for the future.

  • To consider the user experience: Whilst choosing the web design plan and features combination, you should consider the user experience. You should ensure that the combination you’ve chosen can provide a high-quality and user-friendly experience, is easy to use and navigate.

  • Consider its security and flexibility: Whilst choosing the web design’s plan and features combination, you have to consider its security and flexibility. You have to ensure that what you’ve chosen, and the combination can be suitable for use on different web browsers and settings and can also provide quality security.

There are a lot of consideration factors whilst choosing a suitable web design plan and features combination. This includes your own needs, the market choices, the expandability, user friendliness, security and flexibility etc. Through these consideration factors, it can help you choose the most suitable web design plan and features combination to satisfy your needs and also to improve the web’s quality and features.

Once you have finished with your web, the next step is to promote and expand the business. Here are some recommendations to promoting the web itself:

  • SEO: To enhance your website by making its search ranking higher up with the help of a website design company in HK. This can improve your website’s visibility and increase the number of site visitors. You can use keyword searching tools to find relevant keywords, and use them as part of your website’s title, description, and content.

  • Social media sales: Using social media platforms, you can build up your brand’s image and reputation, this can help to attract more users and customers. You can social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. to help you build up your brand’s image, and also to interact with your customers and users.

  • Display ads: Using display ads to increase your visibility of your website design and number of visits. You can use advertising platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook etc. to display advertisements and attract more customers and users.

  • Selling through your contents: Through creating valuable and interesting content material, you can attract more users and customers. You can create blog articles, audio-visual works, images and other forms of content to attract users and customers.

  • Selling through emails: Through your subscription list feature, you can send emails to subscribers to improve your website design’s visibility and increase site visitors. You can send news notifications, sales, and other forms of email to attract customers and users in HK.

  • Selling through partnerships with other companies in Hong Kong: Through partnering relationships with other brands and websites, you can attract more users and customers. You can also create partnership sales services with other websites and brands in order to attract more customers and users.

Promoting and expanding your business would require many types of sales strategies and platforms, including SEO, social media sales, advertisement displays, content selling, email selling and partnership development selling. Through these strategies and platforms, you can potentially attract more customers and users and increase your website’s visibility and the number of site visits to expand and develop your business.

Increasing the number of Instagram followers would require time and dedication, but here are a few recommendations that can quickly help you increase the number of followers on Instagram:

  • Attractive content: To ensure that your Instagram account is of high quality, attractive and interesting content is essential since this would enable others to feel interested in your account.

  • To use suitable tags: Using suitable tags can make your post more easily identifiable by others. Please ensure that the tags you use are relevant to your posts, but please don’t overuse them.

  • Interact with other Instagram users: Interacting with other Instagram users can help you develop relationships, attracting more users to follow your account. You can leave messages, give likes or share others’ posts.

  • Posting content regularly: Posting content regularly can indicate to your followers that your account is still active. You can let your followers remain interested in your account to attract more followers this way.

  • Using Instagram tools: Using Instagram tools, for example advertising and analytics tools, can help you increase the number of followers. You can use these tools to find out who your followers are and to build more attractive content.

  • Connecting with other social media platforms: You can connect your Instagram accounts with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This way, you can attract more followers using different platforms.

  • To participate in competitions and events: Participating on Instagram competitions and events can help you to attract more followers. You can promote your account through the competitions and events and to maintain your relationships with other users via those platforms.

What requires your attention is that you should not use immoral methods to increase your number of fans on Instagram, for example purchasing followers or using robotic techniques. These methods not only bypass the policies of Instagram, they can also damage your reputation and brand image.

Here are some tips on how to use your Instagram account effectively to enable others to know about your brand:

  • Define who your target audience is: You have to be sure of who your target audience is. As this will help you create more targeted and valuable content material and enable you to interact with your followers better.

  • To create unique branding style: Ensure that your Instagram account’s design and style match with your company’s image. This can help others improve knowledge and loyalty towards your brand and make them remember it more easily.

  • To provide meaningful content: To help you attract more followers and to improve the interaction, ensure that your Instagram account provides meaningful content, including interesting stories, inspiring information and useful alerts.

  • Using appropriate tags: Using appropriate tags can enable your posts to be more easily identifiable by others. Please ensure that the tags you use are relevant to your brand’s and not to overuse them.

  • Interacting with followers: Replying followers’ comments and questions to build your relationship. This can help to improve the loyalty and trustworthiness of your brand, and to enhance its development.

  • To publish content regularly: Publishing content regularly can indicate to your followers that your account is still active. This way you can enable your followers to keep interested in knowing about your account and to attract more followers.

  • Using Instagram tools: There are different tools provided by Instagram, such as advertisement and analysis tools to help you maintain a good Instagram account. You can use these tools to know who your followers are and to create more attractive content.

Maintaining a good Instagram account requires time and effort, however through the above tips, you can create a brand image that’s valuable and well known to others to attract more followers and to improve the brand’s reputation.

Using Facebook to advertise your brand can help to increase how well known your brand is and to attract more potential customers. Here are a few tips:

  • To create a Facebook page: Creating a page on Facebook where you display your brand’s images and content can enable you to contact and interact with potential customers easily.

  • Publishing content: Publishing content on Facebook, for example interesting stories, information and alerts can help to attract potential customers to increase their knowledge of your brand.

  • Using Facebook Adverts: Using Facebook advertisements can help you advertise your brand to a wider target group. You can choose the advertisement’s target location, sex, age, interests etc. This way you can ensure that your advert is only visible to the target group who would be most interested in your brand.

  • Interacting with followers: Replying followers’ comments and questions can help to build up your relationship and your brand’s loyalty to enhance its development.

  • Using Facebook Insights Analysis tools: Using Facebook Insights analysis tool can help you to understand the demographics of your followers more, for example their location, age, sex, interests etc. This way, it can help you to understand your target group better and to enhance your brand’s advertising strategy.

  • Connecting with other social media platforms: You can connect your Facebook page with other social media platforms, for example Instagram and Twitter. This can help you attract more followers and potential customers through those platforms.

What you must be mindful is that you should not use any immoral methods to promote your brand, for example purchasing followers or using robotic techniques. These methods do not align with Facebook policies and can harm your brand’s reputation and image.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) aims to improve your website’s ranking and visibility on search engines using different techniques and methodologies- it aims to enhance the website and its content with the help of a website design company.

On search engines, users will usually type in relevant keywords or phrases to search for their wanted messages. The aim of SEO is to enhance the website and its contents to enable it to rank higher up whilst users search using the relevant key terms, and through this improve the website’s visibility and number of site visitors to attract more users and customers.

SEO includes improving the inside and outside of the website by trained professionals at a website design company. The interior enhancement refers to improving the website’s content, structure, design and speed etc., in order to improve the website’s user friendliness and search rates. Exterior enhancement usually refers to using different methods, such as creating high quality external links, and to use social media platforms in order to improve the website’s authority and how well known it is, through which to improve the web’s search ranking and visibility.

SEO is a very important website promotional strategy- through enhancing the contents of the web design, it can improve the website’s search engine ranking and visibility to attract more users and customers.

Search engine optimisation requires relevant web strategists to conduct. Website Berries Web Design Company provides professional SEO services in Hong Kong. In general, it would require at least 3 to 6 months to conduct the optimisation in order to see the results in the long term. It is an advertising method that has a high rate of return, with the help of a website design company in Hong Kong.

To increase your online shop’s sales, here are some recommendations:

  • Optimize your online shop’s user friendliness: ensure that your online shop is easy to use and navigate, displays a clear and thorough product message and informative instructions. This can help consumers find their wanted products easily and can increase the likelihood of them purchasing.

  • Provides discounts and sales: Providing discounts and sales can help to attract more potential customers. For example, you can provide complimentary delivery services, discount vouchers, buy one get one free sales promotion etc. These events can attract consumers and increase their purchasing likelihood.

  • Creating a brand loyalty: Creating a brand’s loyalty can help to attract returning customers and your brand reputation. For example, you can provide high quality products and services and to create good working relationships with your customers, for example to reply to their questions and comments in order to ensure that they are satisfied with your brand.

  • Using social media platforms to advertise: Using social media platforms can help you to attract potential customers. You can use social media platforms to share your products and conduct promotional events to build good relationship with your customers. This way it can improve your brand’s loyalty and how well known it is.

  • Increasing the product types: Increasing product types can attract more potential clients. For example, you can expand your product lines, provide more choices to satisfy the interests and demands of different customers.

  • Provide safe payment method and privacy protection: Providing a safe payment method and secure privacy protection techniques can improve credibility of your online shop. Ensure that your website uses a safe channel of payment and techniques to protect customers’ personal and financial information.

  • Provide customer feedback and reviews: providing customer feedback and reviews can help customers understand your products and services more. It can help to improve your brand’s credibility and customers’ likelihood of purchasing through your online shop.

These are some tips to improve your online shop sales. Please be reminded that to create a successful online shop, it would require time and dedication, however the tips above would help to improve your its sales and loyalty.

To change from a physical shop to an online shop, here are some steps and tips:

  • To confirm your target market and products: Before setting up an online shop, you have to make sure you have the right target market and products. This can help you to understand your potential clients, what they want, and to choose the most suitable products and sales strategies.

  • Choosing an online shopping platform: choosing a suitable online shopping platform, for example Wordpress, WooCommerce, BigCommerce etc. These platforms provide online shop construction, product selling, payment methods and settings etc. – features that are required for opening an online shop.

  • Creating an online shop: Creating an online shop that suits your brand image and style according to your target market and products. Ensure that your online shop is easy to use and navigate, and displays a clear and thorough product message and detailed information.

  • Choosing the transportation logistics and delivery method: Choosing a suitable product delivery method and transport logistics that would satisfy your customers’ needs. For example, you can choose to dispatch the items yourself directly or to hire a transport logistics company.

  • Setting up the payment method for your online shop: Setting up the payment method of your online shop, for example the use of credit card, Pay Me, WeiXin Pay etc. to ensure that your website uses a safe payment method and secure technology in order to protect the personal and financial information of the consumers.

  • Promotional online shops: Using different types of online and offline promotional methods, such as social media platforms, advertisements, SEO, bloggers etc. to attract more potential clients and to improve how well known your brand is.

  • Analyzing and monitoring the online shop’s statistics: using the online shop’s analytical tools, such as Google Analytics, Baidu Analytics, in order to monitor and analyze your online shop’s statistics, for example: the visitor volume, conversion rate, income etc. It can help to enhance your online shop’s marketing strategy to improve the marketing effects and the satisfaction of the customers.

Finally, you have to be aware that changing from a physical to an online shop requires time and effort, however with the help from the above steps and tips, you can successfully transform from a physical shop to an online shop.

When opening an online shop, you have to be aware of the following points:

  • Market research: Before opening an online shop, you have to conduct a thorough targeted market research in order to understand your product or service’s demands and competition standing in the market. This can help you to devise a successful marketing strategy, including your price listings, sales strategy and product launching strategy etc.

  • Choosing a suitable electronic commercial platform: You need to choose a suitable electronic commercial platform to create your online shop. You have to consider using some well-known platforms, such as Wordpress, Woocommerce, BigCommerce etc. These platforms provide an easy to use environment to help you create and manage an online shop easily.

  • Choosing designers and developers in HK: If you want to create a personalized online shop, you need to employ suitable designers and developers from a website design company to create and design your online shop. You have to ensure that your designer and developers from the website design company have enough experience and professional knowledge and can cooperate well with you to ensure that your online shop satisfies your needs.

  • Designing and launching your online shop: Once you have chosen a suitable platform, designers and developers, you can start to design and launch your online shop. You need to ensure that your online shop is easy to use, quick, safe and reliable, and also have to have a good design in order to enhance the user friendliness and to attract more site visitors.

  • Sales and promotions: Once your online shop is ready to launch, you have to conduct sales and promotional techniques to attract more users and customers. You can choose different types of methods, such as SEO, social media platforms, advertisement displays etc, in order to improve your online shop’s visibility and volume of site visitors.

  • Customers support and post sales services: Finally, you have to ensure that your online shop can provide satisfactory customers’ support and post sales services. You can provide different types of customer support and service platforms, for example emails, chat forums, customer support hotlines etc, in order to ensure that your customers have a supportive service.

Opening an online shop would require market research, choosing a suitable electronic sales platform, and have to take into account its design and development, sales and promotions, customers support and post sales services etc. In order to help you to create a successful online business, ensure that your online shop satisfies your needs and targets, provides a good user experience and post sales service.

Yes, you can use a domain term to set up and use as your company’s email address. The email address like this looks more professional and can help with building your company’s branding. For example, if your domain name is example.com, you can set your email address as info@example.com or support@example.com etc.

In order to set up and use your domain name as your email address, you need to be aware of the following two steps:

  • Setting up your own email address server: You have to set up an email server to manage your emails. You can set up your own server, or use a third party email server service, for example Google’s G Suite, Microsoft’s Office 365 etc.

  • Setting up your customers’ email account: Once you have set up your own email server, you have to set up your own customers’ email account: for example Outlook, Gmail etc. in order to set and use your domain name as your email address.

What you have to bear in mind is that if you use a third party email server, you have to pay the relevant service fee. In addition, in order to ensure that your email contents and information are safe, you have to follow the general policies and privacy policies of the email servers.

Secure Sockets Layer (ie, SSL) is a protocol that provides secure communication over the Internet. Through ensuring the security of the online network, it can prevent sensitive information from being delivered through websites.

If the website domain name contains “https”, the “s” means the website is safe and has official added security. This can prevent hackers from gaining information through the website network. Because the network has been secured, even if hackers have hacked the website, the protected information will not be read successfully (this is because the information has already been secured). The personal information and credit card information can be protected in this way, enabling customers to browse your website safe and sound.

For online shop business owners, because your website involves names, addresses and credit card details – information that is personal, you have to make sure that the website has SSL protection, as this can improve your website’s security greatly and how trustworthy your website is.

If your website only contains company information, it is still worth downloading the SSL, as https can help to protect the network’s security to reduce the risks of hackers changing information on the website.

  • Improving your SEO ranking: Google has announced in 2017 that websites with SSL downloaded will be listed as better websites, and increases their important points. This would enable the search engine rankings to improve.

  • With SSL in your website, your web browser will have a safety lock icon on it. Without the SSL, there will be an “unsafe” notification which will affect the reputation of your company website.

  • If your company website’s details unfortunately get hacked, the information would not be able to be read as it’s protected.

  • To increase the company website’s trustworthiness and to build up the company’s image.